Homological and Combinatorial Aspects in Commutative Algebra
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Program (final version - )

Arrival date: Thursday, July 5, 2007.

Registration: Thursday, July 6, 08:15-09:15, Hotel ALEXANDROS (Busteni).

Departure date: Wednesday, July 11, 2007.

Abstracts: [ PDF version ].

Friday, July 6
First Session. Chairman: A. Laudal  
09:15-10:00 J. Herzog Hilbert polynomials and powers of ideals  
10:10-10:55 D. Bayer Graph colorings and toric algebra  
10:55-11:30 Coffee Break    
Second Session. Chairman: W. Bruns  
11:30-12:15 M. Hashimoto G-local G-schemes  
12:25-12:45 J. Elias On the depth of Blow-up algebras  
12:45-13:05 B. Ichim On toric face rings  
Third Session. Chairman: S. Zarzuela  
15:00-15:45 S. Goto Quasi-socle ideals in Gorenstein local rings, II  
15:55-16:40 T. Römer Betti numbers and shifts in minimal graded free resolutions  
16:40-17:10 Coffee Break    
Fourth Session. Chairman: J. Watanabe  
17:10-17:30 V. Micale On the Buchbaumness of the associated graded ring of a numerical semigroup ring  
17:30-17:50 M. Crupi Upper bounds for the Betti numbers of classes of graded ideals in the exterior algebra  
17:50-18:10 A. Olteanu Constructible ideals  
18:10-18:30 A. Ştefan The characterization of transversal polymatroids with Gorenstein base ring  
Saturday, July 7
First Session. Chairman: D. Bayer  
09:00-09:45 W. Bruns The integral Carathéodory property for affine monoids  
09:55-10:40 J. Watanabe Some remarks on the commutator algebra of a nilpotent matrix and application to the strong Lefschetz property of Gorenstein algebras  
10:40-11:00 Coffee Break    
Second Session. Chairman: R. Fröberg  
11:00-11:45 M. Katzman Applications of Frobenius maps on injective hulls  
11:55-12:40 G. Smith Multigraded Hilbert Schemes  
12:45-13:30 A. Campillo Poincare series associated to filtrations on local rings  
Sunday, July 8, Excursion (Râşnov, Bran, Moeciu)
Monday, July 9
First Session. Chairman: M. Hashimoto  
09:00-09:45 A. Laudal Non-commutative models of affine plane curves  
09:55-10:40 F. Enescu Local cohomology and F-stability  
10:40-11:10 Coffee Break    
Second Session. Chairman: G. Restuccia  
11:10-11:55 B. Kreussler Semi-stable torsion free sheaves on singular cubic curves and finite length modules over a nodal ring  
12:05-12:25 M.T. Dibaei On modules with finite Cousin cohomologies  
12:25-12:45 M. Vlădoiu Equidimensional and Unmixed Ideals of Veronese Type  
12:45-13:05 A. Thoma Minimal systems of binomial generators of a toric ideal  
Third Session. Chairman: P. Schenzel  
15:00-15:45 G. Restuccia Graded modules generated by s-sequences  
15:55-16:40 P. Schenzel A review of Lyubeznik numbers in local cohomology  
16:40-17:10 Coffee Break    
Fourth Session. Chairman: J. Elias  
17:10-17:30 T. Dumitrescu Regularity and finite injective dimension in characteristic p>0  
17:30-17:50 L. Sega Acyclic complexes of finite free modules over local rings  
17:50-18:10 R. Utano On the Betti numbers of some special monomial submodules  
18:10-18:30 D. Ibadula Tits building and Igusa local zeta function for binary cubics  
Tuesday, July 10
First Session. Chairman: J. Herzog  
09:00-09:45 R. Fröberg Ideals of finite colength  
09:55-10:40 S. Zarzuela On equimultiple modules  
10:40-11:10 Coffee Break    
Second Session. Chairman: M. Katzman  
11:10-11:55 R. Wiegand Constructing large indecomposable finitely generated modules  
12:05-12:50 S. Basarab Abstract Co-Galois theory and applications  
13:00-13:20 R. Basili Commuting nilpotent matrices and pairs of partitions  
Third Session. Chairman: S. Goto  
15:00-15:45 H. Kurke Schur pairs and formal ribbons  
15:55-16:15 F. Planas-Vilanova On the acyclicity of the Koszul complex of a module  
16:15-16:35 S. Wiegand Prime ideals in mixed polynomial/power series rings  
16:35-17:00 Coffee Break    
Fourth Session. Chairman: R. Wiegand  
17:00-17:20 J.A. Montaner Frobenius descent  
17:20-17:40 H. Sabzrou On the use of sector partitions  
17:40-18:00 M. Neusel Recent results in Invariant Theory  
18:00-18:20 D. Stamate Koszul rings via sequentially CM posets  

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