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Quality Management

Faculty of Mathematics and Computer Science determines the quality assurance performances and quality education improvement using a computer package which assist gathering, processing and analysis of the results obtained from teaching and research. Therefore a level of quality is demonstrated and a permanent public transparency of these results is maintained as printable and electronic form.

The Faculty of Mathematics and Computer Science was involved in the attestation program of educational quality process Quality Future II and also Bologna process, academic quality assurance being one of the central objective. Additionally, the authorities and responsibilities in the domain of quality assurance were distributed at the level of faculty and departments.

The person in charge with quality at the level of faculty coordinates procedures application, evaluation and quality assurance activities (first year admission analysis, exam sessions analysis, university degree exam analysis, yearly reports regarding the degree of quality assurance). In this process of quality assurance the students were involved. Furthermore, there exists a system of gathering opinions, suggestions, claims and solutions to these situations. In each semester a student evaluation (the students evaluates performances of teaching staff members) is applied. Moreover, there exists a system of evaluation of teaching performances, research quality and services provided to the institution, promotion of each teaching staff member rely upon these evaluation results, which takes in account the students evaluation.

The Faculty has a transparency policy of recruiting and admission of students which is publicly announced at least six months before admission. On the world wide web site of the faculty the prospective students can find training problems for first year admission. Promotion of the faculty is done using folders, posters, open days, high school visits from Constanta or other districts and meetings with mathematics teachers from higher education.

Each year in the faculty a mathematics competition takes place with participants from high schools of Constanta. There exists a center of training for pupils with outstanding performance from high schools of Constanta. The world wide web site of the Society of Mathematical Sciences is produced and managed by our faculty.

The students have full access to materials in electronic form corresponding to the lectures, seminars and laboratories associated with each discipline. These materials and Study Guide are received by the students on a Compact Disc at the beginning of the first year of study, being available as well on the site of the faculty.

Teaching staff members are using new technology resources (e-mail, web pages for outlines of the lectures, bibliography, electronic form resources). Furthermore, teaching staff members maintain the connection with the students at least two hours per week allocated for student advice and they act as guiding persons to students from each year or group.

Periodically takes place the review of study programs which are done taking in account the fellow-like appraisal together with students, graduates and representatives of employing companies.

Information about situation of employing graduates were obtained from District School Inspectorate, from past graduate students which keep connection with the faculty, and from graduate students which enrolls in the Master program.

The faculty has research programs on the medium and short term approved by the Council of the faculty. A functional Center of Research exists with a suitable climate proved by a number of research grants and publications. Yearly reports regarding scientific research of the departments are available on the world wide web site of the faculty.

Research communities of the Center arranges scientific seminars weekly with foreign and country guests in which students are participating as well. There exist a doctorship school to facilitate the shaping of young researchers. The research is turned into account by grants, educational publications and scientific publications. Each teaching staff member has yearly at least one scientific publication or educational achievement.

Scientific Annals of Ovidius University of Constanta, Mathematics series is a CNCSIS academic journal of category B in which original papers of mathematics research are published in english language. This academic journal has external referees and the papers are reviewed in two worlwide academic journals: Mathematical Reviews and Zentralblatt fur Mathematik. Furthermore, this academic journal is exchanged with more than thirty academic journals from Romania and abroad and it is sended to many external libraries.

In the process of quality academic evaluation the faculty passed three succesive stages for Mathematics speciality:

  1. elaboration of self-assessment report of quality;
  2. external evaluation of quality;
  3. application of recommends resulted from self-assessment and external evaluation.

Self-assessment report contains the conclusions reached by leading staff members, teaching staff members and students. This report takes in account strong and weak points, achievements, threats, uncertainities or failures in the quality assurance (SWOT analysis) and also future actions. Documents, graphics, tables and pictures are gathered together to sustain the analysis done in the first part.

The faculty was visited by a team of four assesors. On one hand the team established the correspondence between data, informations and self-assesment reasonings, and on the other hand the effective reality. Results of the visit were recorded into a report of external evaluation and it contains conclusions and recommends which was openly published.

Following the three factors, first, the analysis of the quality implementation stage at the level of the educational and scientific activities in the faculty, second, discussions with representatives of District Inspectorate of Constanta regarding situation of graduates, third, discussions between the team and the students of Mathematics speciality, it was appreciated in a positive manner the quality of teaching process at the section of Mathematics from the Faculty of Mathematics and Computer Science. The organization of educational and scientific activities and the whole process of teaching corresponds to the quality standards.