Exploratory Workshop on Combinatorial Commutative Algebra and Computer Algebra
Sponsored by the National University Research Council of Romania
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Pictures from conference

IMG_0458 IMG_0459
IMG_0460 IMG_0461
IMG_0462 IMG_0463
IMG_0464 IMG_0465
IMG_0466 IMG_0467
IMG_0468 IMG_0469
IMG_0470 IMG_0471
IMG_0472 IMG_0473
IMG_0474 IMG_0475
IMG_0476 IMG_0477
IMG_0478 IMG_0479
IMG_0495 IMG_0496
IMG_0497 IMG_0498
IMG_0499 IMG_0500
IMG_0501 IMG_0502
IMG_0506 IMG_0507
IMG_0508 IMG_0509
IMG_0510 IMG_0511
IMG_0512 IMG_0513
IMG_0514 IMG_0515
IMG_0516 IMG_0522
IMG_0523 IMG_0524
IMG_0525 IMG_0526
IMG_0527 IMG_0528
IMG_0529 IMG_0530
IMG_0531 IMG_0532
IMG_0553 IMG_0554
IMG_0555 IMG_0556
IMG_0557 IMG_0558
IMG_0559 IMG_0561

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