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National School on Algebra
The 9th Edition


September 15-22, 2001
Eforie Nord, Constantza

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I. Differential graded algebra and multiplicative structures on resolutions (Viviana Ene)
II. Special types of resolutions (Cristodor Ionescu)
III. Change of rings (Viviana Ene)
IV. Growth of resolutions(Cristodor Ionescu)
V. Modules over Golod rings (Dorin Popescu)
VI. Deviations (Serban Barcanescu)
VII. Test modules (Cristodor Ionescu)
VIII. Modules over complete intersections (Dorin Popescu)
IX. Basic notions on \lambda-rings (Eduard Asadurian)
X. \lambda-rings and group representations (Ciprian Bonciocat)
XI. Frobenius theorem and representations of the symmetric groups (Mircea Becheanu)
XII. \lambda-rings in Algebraic Geometry (Adrian Constantinescu)