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National School on Algebra
The 7th Edition


September 15 -22, 1999
Eforie Nord, Constantza

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I. Groebner bases. Existence and uniqueness. Buchberger’s algorithm. First applications of Groebner bases. (Viviana Ene) PDF | PS | DVI
II. Basic algorithms in ideal theory (Alin Spuma) PDF | PS | DVI
III. Field extensions and the Hilbert Nullstellensatz (Violeta Leoreanu) PDF | PS | DVI
IV. Decomposition, radicals and zeros of ideals(Claudiu Volf) PDF | PS | DVI
V. The Knuth-Robinson-Schensted algorithm and Groebner bases of determinantal ideals (Cornel Baietica) PDF | PS | DVI
VI. Multiplicities and Milnor numbers (Cristian Voica) PDF | PS | DVI
VII. Deformations of analytic sets and Groebner bases of ideals (Marko Roczen) PDF | PS | DVI
VIII. Groebner bases and coding theory (Rolf Holzapfel) PDF | PS | DVI