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National School on Algebra
The 6th Edition


September 15-21, 1998
Eforie Nord, Constantza

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I. Hilbert Function and Hilbert Series. Pure Resolution (Nicolae Radu) PDF | PS | DVI
II. Stable Ideals and Eliahou–Kervaire Resolutions (Viviana Ene) PDF | PS | DVI
III. First Steps with Grobner Bases (Marko Roczen) PDF | PS | DVI
IV. Generic Initial Ideals (Tiberiu Dumitrescu) PDF | PS | DVI
V. Theorems of Green, Macaulay and Gotzmann(Estimating the Hilbert Function) (Cristodor Ionescu) PDF | PS | DVI
VI. Bounds for Betti Numbers (Dorin Popescu) PDF | PS | DVI
VII. Simplicial Complexes Associated to Determinantal Ideals (Cornel Baetica) PDF | PS | DVI
VIII. The Dim-Depth Decomposition of Graded Algebras over a Field (S. Barcanescu) PDF | PS | DVI
IX. Finite Sets of Points in the Projective Plane (Mircea Becheanu) PDF | PS | DVI