Romana | English

National School on Algebra
The 1st Edition


21-25 October 1985
Faculty of Mathematics
"Al.I.Cuza" University, Iasi

1st Edition |  Participants |  Lectures |  Index

I. Regular Sequences (Nicolae Radu) PDF | PS | DVI
II. Homological Codimension (Cristodor Ionescu) PDF | PS | DVI
III. Cohen-Macaulay modules (Serban Raianu) PDF | PS | DVI
IV. Cohen-Macaulay rings (Dorin Popescu) PDF | PS | DVI
V. The Cousin complex of a module and applications (Toma Albu) PDF | PS | DVI
VI. Local cohomology (Marin Gutan) PDF | PS | DVI
VII. Examples of Cohen-Macaulay rings (Serban Barcanescu) PDF | PS | DVI
VIII. Classes of Cohen-Macaulay rings (Nicolae Manolache) PDF | PS | DVI
IX. Graded Cohen-Macaulay rings (Constantin Nastasescu) PDF | PS | DVI
X. The Cohen-Macaulay locus of a Noetherian ring (Alexandru Brezuleanu, Cristodor Ionescu) PDF | PS | DVI
XI. Depth of projective cone (Alexandru Buium) PDF | PS | DVI
XII. Examples of normal local rings with isolated singularities of given dimension and depths (Lucian Badescu) PDF | PS | DVI
XIII. Buchsbaum rings and modules (Mihai Cipu, Ovidiu Pasarescu) PDF | PS | DVI
XIV. The Koszul complex and applications (Cristiana Mateescu) PDF | PS | DVI