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National School on Algebra
The 15th edition

Toric Algebra

25-30 September 2006

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I. Semigroup rings and lattice ideals (Eduard Asadurian and Dorin Popescu) PDF | PS | DVI
II. Multigraded polynomial rings (Ezra Miller) PDF | PS | DVI
III. Betti numbers of lattice ideals (Lavinia Ostafe) PDF | PS | DVI
IV. Toric varieties (Mircea Becheanu and Cristian Voica) PDF | PS | DVI
V. Irreducible and injective resolutions (Mihai Epure and Marius Vladoiu) PDF | PS | DVI
VI. Dualizing complexes (Mircea Cimpoeas) PDF | PS | DVI
VII. Ehrhart polynomials (Ezra Miller) PDF | PS | DVI

The lectures are based on the book Combinatorial Commutative Algebra, by E. Miller and B. Sturmfels, Graduate Texts in Math Vol. 227, Springer-Verlag, New York, 2004, and will be delivered by: E. Asadurian (Pitesti), M. Becheanu (Bucharest), M. Cimpoeas (Bucharest), V. Ene (Constanta), M. Epure (Bucharest), E. Miller (Minneapolis), L. Ostafe (Bucharest), D. Popescu (Bucharest), M. Vladoiu (Bucharest), C. Voica (Bucharest). The lectures will be complemented by problem sessions, computer demos, and discussions.