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National School on Algebra
The 12th Edition


September 8 - 14, 2003
Eforie Nord, Constantza

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I. Graphs. Trees. Bipartite graphs (Mircea Becheanu) PDF | PS | DVI
II. Much Ado about Nothing: an elementary game between Hilbert and Poincar\'e series (Barbu Berceanu) PDF | PS | DVI
III. Edge Ideals (Viviana Ene) PDF | PS | DVI
IV. Monomial subrings. Integral closure and normality (Alin Stefan) PDF | PS | DVI
V. Degree bounds (Cristodor Ionescu) PDF | PS | DVI
VI. Monomial subrings of graphs (Marius Vladoiu) PDF | PS | DVI
VII. Normality and integral closure (Tiberiu Dumitrescu) PDF | PS | DVI
VIII. Monomial subrings of complete graphs (Eduard Asadurian) PDF | PS | DVI
IX. Noether normalizations of edge subrings (Mirela Stefanescu) PDF | PS | DVI
X. Monomial curves and numerical semigroups (Serban Barcanescu) PDF | PS | DVI
XI. Toric varieties (I) (Ovidiu Pasarescu) PDF | PS | DVI
XII. Toric varieties (II) (Cristian Voica) PDF | PS | DVI
XIII. Higher dimensional trees and quasi-trees, and a theorem by Faridi (Jurgen Herzog) PDF | PS | DVI
XIV. Diracís theorem on chordal graphs (Jurgen Herzogn) PDF | PS | DVI
XV. The Stanley-Reisner ideal of a quasi-tree with applications to powers of monomial ideals with 2-linear resolution (Xinxian Zheng) PDF | PS | DVI
XVI. Cohen-Macaulay bipartite graphs (Jurgen Herzog) PDF | PS | DVI
XVII. Initial algebras of determinantal rings, Cohen-Macaulay and Ulrich ideals(Attila Wiebe) PDF | PS | DVI