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National School on Algebra
The 1st Edition


21-25 October 1985
Faculty of Mathematics
"Al.I.Cuza" University, Iasi

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     From October 21 to October 25, in 1985, at the Faculty of Mathematics of the “Al. I. Cuza” University in Iassy, a workshop in algebra held dedicated to the study of Cohen-Macaulay and rings, a modern topic in commutative algebra, with large applications in algebraic geometry. The invited colleagues have been so kind to consider this algebra school among the other manifestations dedicated to the Iassy University, the oldest university in our country, with the occasion of its 125th anniversary. As the Mathematical Seminar in Iassy celebrated, in the same period, 75 years since it has been created, we all- people who use and admire this wonderful library- sent thankful thought to the library and its founder, the regretted professor Al. Myller.

    Reading the lectures in the book, one can see clearly the state-of-art of the topics appeared in the theory of Cohen-Macaulay rings and modules.

    The main speakers took care to present some open problems, which have not been completely solved till now, as well as some interesting applications in algebraic geometry. The editor added a necessary bibliography on Cohen-Macaulay modules and rings.

As organizers of this seminar of algebra at its first edition, we express our gratitude to all the participants, moreover to those who contributed by the oral and written lectures at a successful week of algebra in Iassy. Our thank, from the part of all participants, to Professor Nicolae Radu from the Faculty of Mathematics at Bucharest University. He has been the chairman of this seminar. We are thanking also to Professor Calin Ignat, the dean of the Faculty of Mathematics at the Iassy University and to Professor Radu Miron, the chief of division of algebra, geometry and analysis, at the organizing faculty, who encouraged us and gave us all their support on organizing the seminar in algebra.

Mirela Stefanescu.