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Admission requirements

International students willing to study in Romania can apply either to the Ministry of Education or to the chosen Romanian university, in order to receive the Letter of Acceptance.

Only university graduates with a Master degree are entitled to enroll as doctoral students. The enrollment is based on the written agreement of the future scientific advisor, which is also available via e-mail.

The following application papers are requested:

  1. Application form [ electronic form ];
  2. Certified copy of the Baccalaureate Diploma or equivalent - for undergraduate studies;
  3. Certified copy of the graduation certificate - for graduate applicants or PhD;
  4. Academic record translated into Romanian, English, French or German;
  5. Language certificate (see further instructions regarding this issue);
  6. Certified copy of the Birth Certificate;
  7. Certified copy of the passport;
  8. Medical certificate;
  9. Certified copy of the passport;

The enrollment is made only with the written agreement of the future scientific advisor. Further on, the candidate has to establish, after consultation with the scientific advisor, the date of the colloquium.

A short description of the topics covered in the mathematics lectures (please do not just list the lecture names), a one page letter of motivation including a short description of your research interests, 2 letters of recommendation (from teachers or professors) are also required.

The application forms are also available at the International Relations Offices of the Ministry of Education and Research - phone (4021); 3131013; 3157430; � fax (4021) 3126614 or the Romanian universities, or at the Romanian Embassies abroad. The application papers, only in copy, have to be mailed to the Ministry of Education and Research or to the chosen university, in order to receive the approval statement.

The Ministry of Education and Research may issue the Letter of Acceptance in at least 2 months from the date of receiving the complete files.

Before coming to Romania, the international students should have their documents endorsed within the Romanian embassies in their own countries; then, they should obtain a valid visa for studying in Romania.

Deadline. The application file must be sent to Romania by 1st of September (for undergraduate and graduate studies, for PhD applicants).

The fees for one year of study include the assessed practical experience stipulated in the curricula and the medical assistance, in the same conditions offered to the Romanian students.

The fees should be paid in advance for a period of 10 (ten) month for full time courses.

The fees for PhD studies:
Tuition (10 months, including Health insurance): 3400 USD
Lodging and board (10 months): 1500 USD
Final exams: 845 USD

For further information, please contact:
Prof. Dr. Wladimir Georges Boskoff (Director of the PhD programs)
Faculty of Mathematics and Computer Science
Mamaia 124, 900527 Constanta.

Tel/Fax: +40 241 618070
E-mail: boskoff@univ-ovidius.ro