Hyperplane Arrangements and Constructible Sheaves  
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About Constantza



More then 2500 years have passed since on the place of today's Constanta there was a settlement founded by the Greek navigators and merchants who have come from Milet. The most flourishing period of this city fortress, named Tomis, is the middle of the 1st century A.C. But the flourishing fortress is devastated by the Avars in 601. Some centuries after, on the ruin of Tomis, starts to develop a little fishermen settlement, which, gradually, in the following centuries became Constanta. Vestiges of the old civilizations is found today almost everywhere in the city.


With an international airport, a busy seaport, express trains linking it to Bucharest (2 1/2 hours) and a 2,500 year history (the Roman poet Ovid lived in exile here), Constanta is the very kind of cosmopolitan place a seaside vacation needs. Hotels, shops, ancient monuments, a magnificent casino by the sea and interesting museums complete the picture. All the Black Sea resorts are easily accessible either by train or bus.


Muzeul de Istorie Nationala si Arheologie Constanta
Piata Ovidiu nr.12, Constanta
Tel. : 0241-614562

Muzeul de Arta Constanta
B-dul Tomis nr. 82 84, Constanta
Tel./Fax : 0241-617012

Complexul Muzeal de Stiinte ale Naturii Constanta
B-dul Mamaia nr.255, Constanta
Tel. : 0241-547055

Muzeul de Arta Populara Constanta
B-dul Tomis nr.32, Constanta
Tel. : 0241-616133

Muzeul Marinei Romane
Str. Traian nr. 53, Constanta
Tel./Fax : 0241-619035

Muzeul Militar National Filiala Constanta
Str. Liliacului nr. 1 3, Constanta
Tel. : 0241-674359


Teatrul de Balet OLEG DANOVSKI
Str. Rascoala din 1907 nr.5, Constanta
Tel. : 0241-519045; 0241-519058

Teatrul de Revista FANTASIO Constanta
B-dul Ferdinand nr.11, Constanta
Tel. : 0241-616036

Teatrul OVIDIUS Constanta
Str. Mircea cel Batran nr. 97, Constanta
Tel. : 0241-708612; 0241-708613; Fax : 0241-611744

Opera Constanta
Str. Mircea cel Batran nr. 97, Constanta
Tel. : 0241-615530; Fax : 0241-615080

Art Galleries

Galeria "ART & CRAFT"
Str. Ion Lahovari nr. 16
tel. 0241.665.985

Galeria "AMFORA"
Blvd Ferdinand nr. 59

Galeriile de Arta
Str. Stefan cel Mare nr. 115

Studiourile de Creatie
Blvd Mamaia nr. 298 - 300

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